Tate Publishing

Mustang publishers plead no contest to embezzlement, other charges

  Mustang vanity publishers Richard and Ryan Tate avoided jail Wednesday after pleading no contest to 44 counts, including charges of embezzlement, attempted extortion, conspiracy and a pattern of criminal behavior. The father and son, who owned Tate Publishing, entered their pleas before Canadian County Special Judge Jack McCurdy. He sentenced the pair to 20…

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Tate Publishing Founder, CEO accused of embezzlement, extortion

Richard Tate, 70, and his son Ryan Tate, 38, who operated Tate Publishing and Tate Music Group, were arrested Thursday on eight felony charges and one misdemeanor charge. The charges include four felony counts of embezzlement, one felony count of attempted extortion by threat, two felony counts of extortion by threat, one felony count of…

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