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Remembering… Kind of Heart

By Molly Lemmons, Mustang resident and former Mustang News columnist “This seems like a perfect, gentle place to live and raise children, doesn’t it?”  I was speaking to my husband as we drove through the little town of Mustang, Oklahoma in the fall of 1963. Indeed, my expression of that thought panned out to be…

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Brittany’s Play Adventure, Mustang’s ‘something good’

Saturday’s grand opening for Brittany’s Play Adventure was truly something special. I got emotional and teared up when I saw all the children and adults walk past the sign and walk into the now open playground. Young or old, disabled or not, everyone was together, everyone was unified and everyone was able to play. Tiffany…

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Beauty and the Beast is ‘magical, beautiful’

The 2017 Beauty and the Beast live-action remake truly is a breath of fresh air. The remake stayed true to the original plot, some scenes being almost an exact match to the 1991 cartoon, which has brought about some complaints, but I thought it was brilliant. Director Bill Condon kept the original “tale as old…

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Another life taken, still no answers

Although members of the community are working with state Representative Mike Sanders, R-Kingfisher, and other local representatives to demand stricter driving under the influence laws that can prevent more innocent lives being taken by impaired drivers, there has to be more that can be done. Amanda “Mandy” Starkey-Carson and Nhu Huong both lost their lives…

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