Does defense still win championships?

Remember that old saying that defense wins championships, well that’s exactly what it is – an old saying. This year’s NFL playoffs are an example of why that saying is outdated and may be trending to become extinct with the hiring’s that have already happened since the end of the regular season. Out of the…

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By Brody Feldmann There is a saying that “success breeds success” and that is what is happening inside of the Mustang wrestling program. The program witnessed its first individual win a national championship over the summer when Tate Picklo won at the Fargo National Championships. Then, for the first time in two decades, the Broncos…

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Another life taken, still no answers

Although members of the community are working with state Representative Mike Sanders, R-Kingfisher, and other local representatives to demand stricter driving under the influence laws that can prevent more innocent lives being taken by impaired drivers, there has to be more that can be done. Amanda “Mandy” Starkey-Carson and Nhu Huong both lost their lives…

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