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Residents grateful for neighborhood park

Mustang officials and local residents gathered at the grand opening of the city’s newest park Monday.

Lakehoma Park, which is located off west Cedar Ridge Drive, is nestled in a neighborhood that meets a portion of Lakehoma Lake. Parks and Recreation Director Jean Heasley said the city’s ninth park envelopes community and the budding of friendships.

Leslie Martinez, a resident who lives across the street from the park, says she and her two daughters have been coming to the park every day, granted when it’s not muddy.

“The area is really nice,” Martinez added. “It’s quiet and calm.”

She thanked city officials for making the convenient park happen.

Another local resident, Tela Weible, and her three children come to the park at least three times a week. After five years of living in the neighborhood, Weible said it was nice to see the park come to fruition for children to enjoy with their friends.

Before the park equipment was even constructed, Weible said her children were waiting in anticipation.

“We really appreciate the city doing this,” she said. “We love Mustang.”

The park was completed in mid-September. Officials said future additions of the park include a sidewalk that stems from the parking area to the playground, as well as a covered picnic area near the lake.

Lakehoma Park was a special project that was decided in May by the Leisure Services Board, which advises the Mustang City Council on matters concerning the Parks and Recreation Department. A park on the most west side of the city was deemed necessary by the board.

The total cost of the playground and installation was about $46,893.

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