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Mustang Unified Team takes up corn hole

The Mustang Special Olympic Unified Team joined eight other schools at Miller Stadium in Yukon Oct.1 for some games of corn hole.

A total of 144 athletes and partners including 14 from Mustang competed for the first time in the sport as a Unified Team. Caleb Shouf, director for the Route 66 area, said corn hole is a demonstration sport that will be added to the list of games for next year’s Special Olympics.

Shouf said teams will have the opportunity to compete at the regional and state level once it becomes official. He added it is like Bocchi in the way it is organized. 

“It adds another opportunity for kids to compete in another event,” he said. “We have a very good turnout. Our coaches received it very well and were excited about it.”

Shouf said there were volunteers who had graduated from high school who had returned to volunteer for the event. And there was plenty of excitement to go around. 

The state provided the boards for the competition, but Mustang traveled with its own, which had a Mustang logo on it. Unified coach Cherie Miller said they were made by Josh Taylor, the husband of assistant coach Andrea Taylor.

“He did an awesome job,” she said. 

Miller said the team was going to buy the boards when Taylor volunteered her husband. 

“He does a lot of work with wood,” she said.

It paid off as four boards he produced with help from the Unified Team booster club that provided funding to purchase the supplies.

“They turned out pretty neat,” Miller said. “I think they are beautiful.”

Shouf said competition spanned from Yukon to the state border with Texas along Interstate 40.

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