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Council bids tearful farewell to city employee

City Manager Tim Rooney recognized employee Edigar Kajirwa and Lowe’s representatives for their service to Mustang at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Kajirwa began his experience with the city as an intern four years ago. He started working fulltime for the city about a year ago.

Rooney met Kajirwa at a University of Central Oklahoma job event. After receiving Rooney’s business card at the event, Kajirwa was the only student to later email the city manager the same night.

“He was on top of it,” Rooney said. “He wanted this job. He wanted to work. He wanted to learn.”

Kajirwa did not shy away from any job the city had for him, he added.

“We’re proud of Edigar,” Rooney said. “We can’t wait to see where his career path takes him.”

Although city officials are sad to see him go, Rooney said they understand Kajirwa has capabilities beyond what Mustang has to offer.

The graduate student accepted a position with the City of Bullhead City in Arizona to assist its city manager in special projects.

Kajirwa thanked the council and city employees for their support and guidance.

“It’s more like family here,” he said. “Mustang has a bright future.”

When the city began to look at the four flower beds at the corners of Mustang Road and State Highway 152, Rooney said he called upon Finance Director Janet Watts’ expertise. Watts then reached out to Lowe’s for donations, who answered with twice the amount of materials needed to beautify the city.

Rooney presented three Lowe’s representatives with an appreciation award.

The City of Mustang recognized Lowe’s representatives at the Tuesday meeting. Lowe’s was instrumental in helping beautify the city’s flower beds at Mustang Road and State Highway 152, officials said. Pictured are: Vice Mayor Michael Ray, Finance Director Janet Watts, Lowe’s representatives Tina Woodcock, Tammy Conn and Kevin Williams. Photo / Haley Humphrey

In police news, council members approved a three-year lease agreement with RCB Bank for four vehicles. Chief Rob Groseclose said in the department’s 2022 budget, they projected $76,084 for the first year.

In resolution news, the council adopted Canadian County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan for 2021-2026 as Mustang’s local plan. Community Development Director Melissa Helsel said the plan allows the city to apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency grants.

In vacating news, the council approved closing an alley lying to the west of Block 3 within Mustang’s original townsite. 

In permit news, the council approved a specific use application for an automobile painting and body work shop on east Thunderbird Lane in a new shopping complex. David Pickard with Auto Logic had to apply for a specific use permit because a body shop was not permitted in the light industrial district.

The council also approved a $329,346 contract and bonds with Young Contracting for drainage improvements at Charlotte Terrace and Heights Drive. Members also approved a $315,600 contract and bonds with Wynn Construction Co. for two blower replacements at the water reclamation facility. 

Assistant City Manager Justin Battles said he spoke with other cities who said the bid was good, as it was low compared to others that were seeing approximately $240,000 per blower. The warranty on the blowers’ motors is about 12 months, and electrical is the city’s responsibility.

It will take approximately four months until the blowers are in place. They have about a 10-year life expectancy, which is industry standard, Battles said.

He expects about a 60% reduction in power.

Members also approved a $206,634 contract and bonds with Southwest Water Works for the city’s basin 10 sewer project. The project will extend a new sewer line east and north of Walmart, which will connect the Locke Supply Co. area.

This will also take the high-pressure line off State Highway 152, Battles said.

In member news, Mayor Brian Grider was absent.

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