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Officials look to fill positions at county’s newest gas station

Canadian County’s newest OnCue at 15th Street and Mustang Road is projected to open in mid-September.

Construction on the gas station wrapped up about four weeks ago. The location obtained a certificate of occupancy approximately a month ago, but due to labor issues, the OnCue has been unable to open.

Although officials had to delay the opening date for several weeks, Business Development Director Scott Minton said they are hopeful to have more applicants within the next week or so. OnCue is not the only business to be affected by labor shortages, as many other industries have posted hiring signs for quite some time, due to the pandemic.

Of the 30 positions, the OnCue location at 15th Street and Mustang Road has about 10 jobs left to fill. Managerial to kitchen crew positions are still available.

If the positions are left unfilled by mid-September, officials said they will bring employees from other Oklahoma City metro locations.

OnCue also started its hiring campaign Wednesday. Officials said they are focusing on promoting more than good pay and a 401(k) plan.

“It can start out as a sales associate, but it truly is a long-term career path for people,” President Laura Aufleger said.

OnCue is currently offering a $5 an hour bonus to their starting pay of $11.35. A general manager can also make up to six figures, with no college education required.

“We’re looking for prime people who will stick around,” public relations coordinator Emily Fate said. “We value our people.”

Employees can also earn a raise every quarter. 

Some of the features that set the 15th Street and Mustang Road OnCue apart from others is The Grill, which is the chain’s newest made-to-order food concept, Aufleger noted. People can order from the station’s kiosk, OnCue’s app or by using the drive-thru.

There is extended seating in The Grill’s area, as well. OnCue’s coffee bar is also a staple, with a larger selection to come, Aufleger said.

The station’s beer and wine section has been growing, too.

“We’ve really embraced the local craft beer market,” Aufleger said.

The chain also has an advanced sommelier to provide quality wine to customers that is still affordable.

OnCue prides itself on bathrooms, as the chain was voted Best Family Restroom several years in a row by MetroFamily Magazine, the president added.

The location will also be part of the National Safe Place program. As a community initiative, the crisis prevention program designates schools, fire stations, libraries, and other youth-friendly organizations as Safe Place locations, which display a yellow and black sign, according to NSP’s website.

OnCue’s managers are trained to help children and teens who find themselves in a dangerous situation, Aufleger said. They can connect them with necessary services.

OnCue has been a part of the program for decades at its home base in Stillwater. Its community partnership in Oklahoma City was launched in 2019.

OnCue primarily partners with Pivot, an Oklahoma City nonprofit that provides resources to youth. Pivot oversees student outreach in the school system to raise awareness of services available to youth who leave home.

“We’re just an interim so (youth) can feel comfortable with our bright lights and our safe location and then we call Pivot that has the resources to help them, and they’ll come within a certain amount of time,” Fate said.

OnCue currently has two operating stations in Canadian County, with one in Mustang and the other in Yukon. Two additional locations are undergoing a permitting process in the county.

There are about 75 locations throughout Oklahoma.

OnCue, which is a family business, was established in 1966. The name change came in 2004 after a merger.

People can visit to learn more about the company and to apply. 



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