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City council enters into lease agreement with Mustang Chamber

The Mustang City Council approved a ground lease agreement with the Mustang Chamber of Commerce to build a business office near City Hall at its Tuesday meeting.

The agreement is for the Chamber to have a building on about a tenth of an acre that is adjacent to City Hall.

There were three steps in approving the agreement. Since the area lies within Wild Horse Park, the council had to declare that the designated property is not needed or necessary for park or other public purposes.

Secondly, the council approved a nonemergency ordinance to authorize the lease of the property. It will then be published in a newspaper and will go into effect 30 days after being adopted.

The Chamber will further the city’s interest in developing current and future businesses with the economic agreement, city attorney Jon Miller said. All obligations that the Chamber has to the city are written within the ground lease, as well.

The lease is for 75 years. To read the full agreement, see City Manager Tim Rooney’s July 30 report at

Chamber Director and CEO Renee Peerman extended her thanks to the council. She also read a letter from chairman Jim Harris, who also thanked the members, saying there have been times when community organizations have not always worked together.

The Chamber had been looking for a new residence since March. It had been without a permanent home for more than 48 years.

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