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Senior breaks MHS power clean record

When Reece Trammell stepped up to the platform, he was focused.
Despite doing power cleans for close to an hour, the Mustang senior had a single goal in mind July 23.
Earlier in the evening, Trammell had already set a new personal best on the power cleans, but this time he was going for a new school record at 325 pounds at the first-ever Horsepower Night. The previous record was 315.
At the same time, Mustang High School football coach Lee Blankenship was yelling into the microphone that if Trammell completed the lift, he would be considered the strongest athlete in Bronco history.
Trammell then yanked the bar and weight in the air and completed the power clean with ease.
He was then mobbed by his teammates and coaches, as the assembled crowd at the Broncos’ Stadium cheered on from the stands.
“It was great,” Trammell said. “All the work I put in finally paid off.”
While Trammell was talking about breaking the school record, he could have also been referring to his entire game.
The day before Horsepower Night, Trammell received his first-ever collegiate offer. It came from Emporia State University in Kansas.
“I am looking to blow up this year,” Trammell said. “Emporia State wanted to show me love first.”
At 6’4”, 285 pounds, Trammell will likely get more offers as the year goes on. But before the offseason had begun, that may not have been so apparent.
Trammell is entering his senior season at MHS and has yet to start a game. The Bronco coaching staff had a heart-to-heart with Trammell.
“Reece Trammell was not a starter for us last year. And coach (Cody) McDaniel, our offensive coordinator, who also coaches our offensive line, had a conversation with him,” Blankenship said. “It was actually in our post-season interviews in December. And he told him when we get back in January, for you to be able to be a guy that’s a player for us that we need, you’re going to have to improve your strength in the weight room. Your strength numbers have got to explode.”
According to Blankenship, Trammell took those words to heart and worked his tail off in the weight room.
“That young man took that message and you saw what he did tonight,” Blankenship said. “He owned it, and the gains he has made in the last six months, it’s just unbelievable. I could not be prouder of him.”
Built strictly on his offseason work, colleges started to take interest in Trammell, which led to the offer from Emporia State. After his new power clean numbers, Blankenship says that will create even more interest in the offensive lineman.
“He hasn’t started a football game in his career, and he just got an offer to play college football from one of the top division two schools in the country. And there are more offers to come for him, but it’s just because of his weight room numbers,” Blankenship said. “We put that stuff on social media and then he’s got that posted on his Hudl account. I guarantee you there’s a coach somewhere that’s going to see a 6’4” boy from Mustang pick up 325 tonight and put him on his recruiting board, and rightfully so. We expect huge things from him this season.”
Trammell is not only expecting huge things from himself but also the entire team, as they head into the fall campaign.
“We are going to have a good season,” Trammell said. “I’ll just put it at that.”

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