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Deputy receives Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Mustang American Legion Post 353 acknowledged Deputy Jeff Allen with the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year at the Canadian County Commissioner meeting July 26.
Paul Ray, a member of the Mustang American Legion, said Allen is receiving this award because of his actions on Oct. 17, 2020.
“Deputy Jeff Allen was on patrol in Canadian County when he was dispatched to respond to a wrong-way driver on Interstate 40,” Ray said. “The vehicle was travelling east bound in the west bound lanes. The wrong-way driver had been involved in a head-on collision.”
Ray said Allen put his life on the line to save people from a car that caught on fire because of the collision. Allen saved a young female from the fire and dispensed lifesaving first aid and CPR.
“Deputy Allen put his life in danger to save a child he didn’t know,” Ray said. “Deputy Allen proved by practice he is willing to walk through fire for the citizens of Canadian County. By any definition, Jeff Allen is a hero.”
The commissioners applauded Allen for his efforts then moved on with the meeting.
A Hazard Mitigation Plan has been approved by the commissioners. The plan was approved at the state and federal levels before being presented to the commissioners.
“It’s taken a while, but it is complete, and we are happy to have it behind us,” Canadian County’s Emergency Manager Director Andrew Skidmore said.
He said they were a year out of compliance whenever he started in that position for the county in September 2018. He said the plan that was presented to the commissioners – and approved by them – is a five-year plan.
Skidmore said the plan has been sent to each of his department’s jurisdictions inside the county.
“Cities, schools – everyone has to adopt this in order for federal funding for projects,” Skidmore said. “We are hoping that in the next 90 days we’ll have all of those back.”
The Children’s Justice Center and El Reno Public Schools renewed contracts for El Reno Public Schools to provide educational services to the Juvenile Detention Center and Fort Reno Adolescent Center.
El Reno Public Schools and Canadian County renewed their agreement for the public school system to be the lead education agency at the Canadian County Children’s Justice Center for fiscal year 2022.
In the county jail, there are 247 in custody. Of those, 195 are located inside the county’s jail and 52 are located within other county jails in the state.

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