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Thieves target collection boxes, postal inspectors urge residents to report any issues

A recent Facebook post on Yukon Happenings failed to draw much of a response.
For one city woman, it hit home.
Shana Hurst wrote the outside blue post office collection box on the south side of the Yukon Post Office had been broken into and mail was stolen between June 30 and July 1. Hurst said she had been notified by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service of the crime due to a business invoice being recovered.
Shirley McDaniels read the post, remembered dropping mail in the box and followed up with those she paid bills to.
As it turned out, most of her bills were considered late.
“I went into the post office first to confirm it was true,” she said. “Of the four utilities I paid, only one had cleared the bank. The others did not reach their destination.”
McDaniels also said she had spoken to another city resident victimized by the theft. Not only did she follow up with the utility companies, but she also talked to Lifelock to ensure her finances and credit were secure. She added another collection box, on the corner of Reno and Mustang Road at Homeland in Yukon, was also robbed.
Paul Ecker, a U.S. postal inspector and public information officer in the Fort Worth Division said from his understanding, there have been some repots of mail theft in the Yukon area. The Fort Worth Division covers regional states and hosts satellite offices in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa.
“We ask people to exercise caution when handling the mail and do not put mail in the collection box after the last collection of the day,” he said.
Ecker said mail remains one of the safest ways to send correspondence although there will be instances from time to time not unlike the challenges others must deal with.
Ecker also urged citizens concerned about mail theft to contact the office at or call 1-877-876-2455.
“We will follow up on it,” he said.

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