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City event draws 10s of thousands for food, fireworks and family fun

The city cannot provide an exact number for those who attended Freedom Fest this past weekend. In terms of economic impact, it will take some time before sales tax revenue figures for the holiday. But in terms of pronouncing the weekend an unqualified success, there is no hesitation.
Seeing was believing.

Eden Baughman exclaims over a pair of rabbits at Freedom Fest last weekend. Photo / Michael Pineda

“It was a huge success,” Jenna Roberson, City of Yukon spokesperson said. “We had 10’s of thousands that came and we had tons of positive feedback on social media.”
The weather also cooperated although Roberson said it would have been nice had there been fewer mosquitos. Freedom Fest spanned two days with the day activities and competitions taking place July 3. July 4 was mainly patriotic music and a fireworks display.
Only one incident was reported but deemed a minor issue as Yukon first responders quickly provided care.
Roberson said the park was full and parking lots were also filled up at businesses such as City Saver to Academy.
“I look forward to seeing our sales tax numbers this month,” she said. “So many people parked throughout the city which meant they probably ate inside of city limits.”

A pair of patriotic parade participants make Independence Day fashion look easy.

Due to weather, some venues were switched around as the car show was placed in the parking lot of the community center. It was filled with cars of different decade drawing hundreds of enthusiasts to walk around and see what was under the hood.
Mark Racster from Mustang took part in the car show, visiting FreedomFest for the first time in the process.
“I had no idea what they were going to do out here today,” Racster said. “It is a little different judging. They are picking the Top 25 instead of having categories. We will see.”
Racster was showing a Ford Thunderbird that he has owned for several years. His original intent was to buy a Falcon when he visited a classic car dealer but saw the Thunderbird on a lift and fell in love at first sight.
It spent 12 years in a showroom so I have spent the last couple of years bringing it out of its coma,” Racster said.
During Freedom Fest, the food trucks were also relocated. There was one major glitch as the 395th Infantry Band was unable to perform due to a car accident.
Nyjah McEntire was excited about the night-time activities
“Sometimes, I like the games,” she said. “I really like the fireworks.”
As it turned out, she was not the only one.

Parade of Children
4 & Under
1. Gage Graham
2. “Sunflower Joy” Joy Davis
3. Jayden Kay

Ages 5-8

1st. Elizabeth Hudspeth
2nd Haven Hendren
3rd Summer Dean

Ages 9-12
1st Mason Seymour
2nd Bella Ehlers
3rd Kylie Blissard and Tabitha Boehm

1. The Liberty Belles McKinley and Brooklyn
2. Riding the Rapids, Hailey, Rhetts and Shieman
3rd Camp Grammie Olympics Nancy Anderson

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