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Locally Grown: Wildhorse Gardens, Market provide fresh produce to community

Produce and an assortment of items have been sold inside Wildhorse Gardens and Market for five years after moving from the Mustang Kiwanis Club in 2015.
“When we moved over here, we became our own organization,” Susan Dobbins, member and gardener of the Wildhorse Gardens and Market, said. “… Our mission is charitable and educational.”
She said the move from the local Kiwanis to where it is now inside Wild Horse Park, just off Mustang Road is better for the garden.
“The point of the garden being here is to be visible,” Dobbins said. “That’s one of the reasons the city asked us to move it over here.”
Dobbins has been a part of the garden and market since 2008.
“I was working — this was my therapy to just come out here and pull weeds,” she said.
It is entirely operated by local residents on a volunteer basis and supports the Kiwanis Club, the Mustang Town Center’s Active Adult Center and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefit recipients.
They receive a third of the produce whenever the garden has grown enough to give, Dobbins said.
The garden provides SNAP holders with fresh produce because it is sold from vendors inside the farmer’s market.
“Last year, there was a tremendous interest in people growing their own food,” Dobbins said. “SNAP benefits can be used to buy food producing plants.”
Volunteers can also take-home produce that is grown in the garden.
“We sell the rest in the farmer’s market,” Dobbins said.
Many people visit to help the garden’s growth throughout the week, but on Wednesday and Saturday people buy the local produce.
The farmer’s market also has items like honey, soap, bread and more.
“It’s all real local,” Dobbins said. “It’s all pretty much from Canadian County.”
She said Wednesdays are slow, but this year has been even slower.
The market is open from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays and from 8 a.m. to noon Saturdays. It is open until September.
To learn more about volunteer opportunities or to receive additional information, email
“It’s all about the community to me,” Dobbins said. “It is a hyperlocal market.”

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