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Local fireworks stands experience shortages

Down Route 66, two miles from Garth Brooks Boulevard, one firework stand exemplifies what dealers are having to work with.
The fireworks stand benefits Bounce Academy Gym. In a typical year, there would be two stands open to the public. Because of supply issues, the one on the right is the only one in service.
“We didn’t place an order,” Leslie Hamby said. “We usually fill this one and fill the other one. This year, we were only able to fill one. They just send you what they have.”
Additionally, some firework enthusiasts are unable to locate some favorites from the past.
“Usually we get lots of kid stuff and this year it is mainly adult stuff,” Janelle Pennington said.
The firework stand opened June 24 and will remain open until July 5 when supplies have been sold off.
Cheryl Anders said their expectations are that business will pick up this weekend as the July Fourth holiday draws closer.
“We stay pretty busy,” Pennington said. “It is so close to the city line.”
Meanwhile, the Bounce Academy Gym team will take a hit due to the reduction in fireworks.
This is the only fundraiser for the gym, which took over the fireworks stand four weeks ago. Proceeds from the sales go toward tournament entry fees, uniforms and other expenses.
Other local firework stands are having the same problem.
Fireworks have made their annual return to Mustang with stands lining up parking lots to raise money for specific organizations.
Jim Harris, pastor at Clear Springs Church, said there are certain items the church’s firework stands are missing.
“There seems to be a shortage in certain producers, outlets,” Harris said. “We’re well-stocked, but the odd thing is there are a couple of items we’re short of.”
The firework stand is short on ground blooms and smoke bombs.
“We have a good selection of the bigger items,” Harris said.
Last year was a record year for the church’s firework sales after selling most of its inventory.
“We literally sold 99% of our inventory,” Harris said. “We had a handful of items left. … We basically sold everything we had and had nothing to return (to the supplier).”
He said his distributor, Hance Fireworks, is from Tahlequah. Clear Springs almost did not receive a shipment from Hance nearly resulting in the stand not having any fireworks available to sell.
“It looked like it wasn’t going to come in before the Fourth,” Harris said. “Thankfully, they were able to provide us with it.”
He said the distributor was fearful some of the supply would not make it before the Fourth of July.
Without the supply of fireworks, Clear Springs would not be able to afford the amount of school supplies they usually get for its Big Give event, which supports local families.
“The only reason we do it are a couple nonprofit efforts,” Harris said. “Half the money goes to our youth missions fund and half of it goes to fund The Big Give.”

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