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Future Yukon athletes under development

Children of all ages filled Yukon’s athletic facilities to improve athletically this week at camps hosted by the Millers and Millerettes.
Yukon’s wrestling, boys’ basketball and tennis were among those hosting camps for children to learn more fundamentals of the sports while having fun Wednesday.
“We went 9 a.m. to noon for three days,” Yukon’s head wrestling coach Joe Schneider said. “It gets the little guys some – just their eyes open to what wrestling is about. It’s just a beginner, intermediate camp.”
He said the camp was to help the 40 kids who showed up get the fundamentals down. He also mentioned the team was having a high school camp next week with alumni Boo Lewallen, Chase Vincent, Jaxon Gilmore and Studd Morris coming back to the wrestling room to train the current high school wrestlers.
Coach Kevin Ritter, Yukon’s head boys’ basketball coach, said it was good to be back in the gym.
“Getting to have camp again – have the kids up here after all the stuff we went through last year, but it’s fun,” Ritter said.
“You see the kids; they have a lot of fun with the older kids.”
He said the high school students coaching the students were having fun in the coaching position.
Head men’s tennis coach Barney Moon said the tennis program’s camp purpose is to hook kids into loving tennis.
“We have a junior high tennis program and a pretty solid high school program, so we want to get them in the mix,” Moon said. “We want to hook them. We want to tell them, ‘This is a fun game to play for the rest of your life.’”
Tennis welcomed around 40 kids to their camp Wednesday.
He said all the players in his program have made their way through the team’s kids camp in the summer.
Schneider said he’s thankful for the students who have recently donated their time to help improve the future of Miller wrestling.
“It’s amazing that I have almost 20 guys each day showing up to help the youth,” Schneider said.
He also said girls from surrounding cities attended the camp. He also noted Yukon hired a female coach for the upcoming year. He said there will be another program for the kids soon.
“Coming in the fall, we’ll have a youth program,” Schneider said. “Whether or not we have it in our room or possibly over at Prodigy (Elite Wrestling Club). … One of our assistant coaches will be running that program for our youth.”
Ritter said the basketball team is competing at a few more team camps before dead week in the middle of summer.
Head women’s tennis coach Wes Ankrom said tennis team members play in tournaments across the state during the summer.
“We encourage our kids to jump into (United States Tennis Association) matches during the summer,” Ankrom said.
“We tell them to get four local tournaments. We have had some success with our boys.”
He said there were two Yukon tennis players who have won tournaments this summer. He said they have another camp coming next week.
“It’s good to be back,” Moon said.

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