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Commission votes down duplex proposal

For the second time in a row, a proposed project by Ashton Gray to place duplexes within Yukon failed to gain traction with the Planning Commission.
The commission voted 5-0, leaving the contractor with the sole avenue of protesting the decision as its hopes sank once again amid public vocal dissent.
In the first line item of the evening, the board approved recommending a request from Richard Russell to split a property, adding 6 feet from a neighbor for the purpose of adding a pool house.
It passed with a 5-0 vote.
City planner Cindy Williams said the request came in January, and there have been two errors in the request to rezone property at 200 N. Yukon Parkway from Restricted Commercial District to Combined Residential District Planned Unit Development.
The report stated the subject property was in the low-end intensity typology and it is actually in the high-end typology. It also said the project was not consistent with the city’s comprehensive plan and it was consistent with both high-end and low-end categorifies. Williams said the city wanted the commission to reevaluate in light of the errors.
In speaking on behalf of the project, David Box said project was squarely in line with not only the comprehensive plan but more importantly a recently approved plan, Yukon Crossing II which is more dense.
Box said the goal of the comprehensive plan it to provide a range of compatibility factors and types of uses. More importantly, the type of densities that are appropriate. He said the plan was squarely in line.
Board member Jarrid Wright said he has been disturbed by the number of rent houses growing within the city.
“I see it in a lot of the neighborhoods with the way housing markets have come lately with COVID and what not and how many houses have been sold left and right. I see more and I am concerned about more rental properties as. Is Yukon Crossings being those owned by people or rental properties as well. Box said he was uncertain.
One speaker said she was concerned about rezoning due to traffic. She also said school are overflowing and where would student go. It became a common theme with kids’ safety.
Joe Horn said the commission needed to ask what Yukon gets for the project, rent houses from an out of area owner with people who failed to mow before they left.
The commission went staff recommendation as it voted against rezoning.

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