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MPD lieutenant retires after 26 years

Mustang Police Lt. Camie McNeil bid a tearful farewell to the department June 3.
The 26-year veteran thanked attendees at her retirement ceremony for her job, as well as the community. Chief Rob Groseclose said McNeil served 20 years in detective work, helping and protecting children.
While he respected all her service, he said he most appreciated the genuine dialogue he had with her. Deputy Chief Mike Wallace said McNeil will be sorely missed by the department and Mustang’s community.
McNeil acted as an agency liaison, and enhanced work areas with the court system and resource officers, he said. Wallace also said she had an impactful relationship on victims’ lives, as she is an advocate for children and domestic violence survivors throughout Canadian County.
McNeil makes an effort to remain in touch with victims because of her compassion, he said.

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