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Bond issue falls short

Mustang Public Schools’ $10.9 million bond issue failed to meet the 60% requirement to pass Tuesday.

Mustang resident Lacey Hall inserts her ballot into a voting machine at the Mustang Town Center Tuesday night. About 15 people came in to vote on the hour at the center. Photo / Haley Humphrey

The bond aimed to make the district 1-1, which would provide a tablet to each student. Other areas that would have been addressed with the bond included renovating HVAC systems throughout the district, roofing and paving, new textbooks and more.
Unofficial results from the election board indicate 1,502 votes in favor of the proposition, while there were 1,259 against it. MPS officials said they will not release a statement until at least Friday when results are official by the election board.
Vice President Todd Lovelace will serve another five-year term on MPS’ Board of Education.
Lovelace said he’s very honored and blessed to continue to serve the school district.
Results show 1,693 votes for Lovelace and 1,036 for opponent Heather Thomasson.
There are 36,137 people registered to vote in Canadian County. Of those, 2,735 people voted in Mustang.
Wanda Armold, Canadian County Election Board secretary, said it’s a shame voter turnout was so low.
There were 185 ballots that were blank in the Lovelace and Thomasson race, while there were 154 blank for the MPS’ bond issue.


  1. Taz on April 7, 2021 at 5:47 pm

    I’m glade that for once it failed. The new administration mansion that was built sits have empty while our high school is packed to the top of the roof needing a new height school since the early 2000’s. AND it’s only going to get worse. My property taxes have gone through to space in the last 7 yrs with all these tax bonds. That’s right, these bonds are stack on your property taxes. Oklahoma county mil. rate is at 16. I think ours is somewhere around 26. Are you tired of paying yet, I know I am. Okc. Passes a bond and only uses it after the bond they are on is paid off keeping their mil. rate at 16. What a concept.

    BUILD WHAT WE REALLY NEED! ANEW HIGH SCHOOL AND I MIGHT GET BEHIND THAT. But only when a bond drops off and is paid for.

    • Charles DuBois on April 10, 2021 at 8:28 am

      I agree with Taz. in addition, all of these vehicles furnished to the upper executives at the schools must be stopped

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