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Changing the world one local economy at a time

To founder Joshua Robbins, Beachwood has exponentially grown.

The Beachwood team stands together for a group photo. Front row from left to right: Sebastian Alvarado, co-founder Joshua Robbins, co-founder Jennifer Robbins, Michael McCollough, back row from left to right: Brandon Zachry, Michael Falen and Betty Camacho. Photo / Edgar O’Neal, Beachwood Press Contact/Edgar Lance Photography

But there’s still a lot of growing left to do, and he wants Yukon small businesses to reap its rewards.
“I think that building local economies is the solution to all of our problems,” said Robbins.
Upon graduating high school, Robbins enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. While serving in security forces, he learned discipline, but more importantly, what he should do with his life.
“Some of those folks in the Air Force made a lifelong impact on me,” Robbins said.
After his service came to an end, Robbins stepped into a new role and began his sales and marketing career.
He later emerged in the oil and gas industry as a vendor with a state reporting company.
Robbins was able to build networks through the vendor process. Through his new connections, he began his business development role for mom-and-pop oil and gas companies.
Typically, small oil and gas companies have fewer than 100 wells.
“A lot of people don’t know that in the oil and gas world, the only way to sell property, for the most part, is to bring it to an auction house or to have a negotiated sale, like a residential house,” Robbins said.
The commission for companies that sell or auction anything under $1 million is about 10%.
“It’s extremely expensive to sell things, so I saw this niche of people who didn’t want to use that route, but then didn’t sell their assets, so they were kind of in this limbo,” Robbins said.
From that point onward, Robbins began putting buyers and sellers together who fit in terms of specific counties.
If a deal was closed, Robbins made a 1.5% finder’s fee.
That way, the seller paid nothing, and the buyer would end up paying about 1.5% of the finder’s fee.
Since the oil and gas world is small, people started noticing Robbins cutting a normal commissioned service to zero, and they wanted in on it.
His side hustle quickly turned into opening his own company’s doors in 2014.
Beachwood’s eight-person team continues to grow every day, despite the climate of the oil and gas industry.
“The oil industry completely collapsed, as I opened my company,” Robbins said.
Since barrels went from $140 to $25, Robbins began working with multiple buyers at a time.
Although barrel prices significantly decreased, many buyers were still on the lookout for deals. That’s where Beachwood comes in.
Often times, it’s difficult for people to find interested sellers. Beachwood’s team makes it easy by cutting through the red tape and finding off-market deals in a buyer’s specific area.
“Everything we do is off-market, so we cold call,” Robbins said. “Instead of wanting the wells that are available and for sale, we call these companies and say, ‘Hey, some of your wells are in our target area and we’d love to buy them from you. Would you be interested in selling them?’”
Currently, Beachwood has 10 clients, and Robbins has hired more than a handful of employees. The new members span from Yukon; Texas; Michigan and more.
“(Beachwood) is designed to help everybody,” he said.
The Massachusetts native said since moving the Beachwood office from Oklahoma City to Yukon, he loves everything about the Millers’ town – most specifically, the people.
Working with small businesses keeps localness alive, Robbins said. The buyers Beachwood helps usually sponsor local events in their own towns, as well as hiring more people in their area.
As Oklahomans and Texans alike experienced power and water outages during last week’s historic winter storm, the need for energy was desperately exposed.
“We use oil and gas for everything,” Robbins said. “If you can be in an industry to help provide (necessities) to the whole world, that’s a good place you want to start.”
For more than seven years, Robbins has learned something new every day from the clients he works with.
“No day is the same, and it’s fascinating,” he said.
People may find Beachwood at 508 W Vandament Ave. in Suite 304 or call them at 405-265-7050.

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