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Storm debris clean-up complete

The City of Mustang has completed its debris clean-up from the Oct. 26, 2020 ice storm.
City Manager Tim Rooney announced the completion at Mustang City Council’s work session Tuesday. The debris passes were finished Jan. 15, he said.
The city is expecting the total cost to be more than $5 million for the debris pick-up. Rooney said the city spent about three times more on debris clean-up because of the 2020 storm than in previous years.
“That’s how bad it was,” said Rooney.
He also said he believes Mustang was hit harder than some other surrounding communities, like certain areas of Oklahoma City.
Rooney said the city will be reimbursed for about 75% of the cost from the Federal Emer-gency Management Agency.
He also said the city could potentially be reimbursed an additional percentage from the state of Oklahoma. However, city staff do not have much confidence that they will receive a reimbursement from the state, Rooney said.
“When the state reimburses us, I will tell you, it takes them two to three years,” Rooney said. “FEMA is usually much quicker — usually within nine months.”
However, FEMA does not reimburse the city for debris pick-up that is completed in gated communities because they are private.
“We picked it up anyway and we absorbed that cost, but that’s something that the council may want to look at in the future, as to if — when you’re considering a gated community, that’s not something you ever hear discussed at the planning commission level; the council level — as to what cost we could incur, based on that community being approved …,” Rooney said.
He also noted the importance of the city’s reserve in regard to essentially having a fallback for occurrences, like natural disasters.
“We were able to do this without a problem,” Rooney said.
The reserve in the city’s general fund is at 7.6%, which is approximately $2.2 million. About 12%, which is more than $4.2 million, is left in the Mustang Improvement Authority fund.
Both reserve levels are after December claims and the Jan. 8 sales tax deposit letter. The complete financial report will be attached to Rooney’s report, which will be published at the end of the month.

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