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ONG seeks 25-year franchise to serve Yukon

A natural gas franchise election awaits Yukon voters when polls within the city open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 2.
Voters will determine whether to grant a franchise agreement between Oklahoma Natural Gas and the City of Yukon for 25 years. City and ONG officials have said area home and business owners will see no difference in price on their gas bills.
“This franchise will outline how Oklahoma Natural Gas and the City of Yukon work together,” says Martie Oyler, ONG Community Relations manager. “Residents will continue to benefit from safe, affordable and reliable natural gas service as they have for so many decades.”
A franchise agreement lays out detailed rights and responsibilities between the City and ONG for the next 25 years.
The franchise allows ONG to work within the city’s public ways to place, maintain and operate a natural gas system.
Oyler said approval of this franchise would replace the gross receipts ordinance in place today.
The revenue collected by ONG on behalf of the city helps the city with future growth and improvements, she said.
Oyler explained, “If approved, the only change Oklahoma Natural Gas residential customers will see is the line item description on their bill. The 2% currently collected and paid to the City of Yukon will remain the same.”
Oklahoma Natural Gas delivers natural gas to more than 861,000 customers in Oklahoma.
“We are the largest natural gas distributor in the state, in terms of customers,” Oyler said. “We are a division of ONE Gas, Inc., a stand-alone, 100% regulated, publicly traded natural gas utility that trades on the New York Stock Exchange. ONE Gas is one of the largest natural gas utilities in the United States.”
While the election will be March 2, early voting begins at the Canadian County Election Board office from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Feb. 25-26.

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