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Tipsy Island Margarita Lounge serves up frozen treats

It’s safe to say Mustang’s community was overdue for a sophisticated, yet cozy bar.
Well, raise your glass to Tipsy Island Margarita Lounge.

Tipsy Island Margarita Lounge owner Tammy Radney poses behind the lounge’s bar area. Radney aimed to bring a cozy atmosphere unlike anything else to Mustang’s community. Photo / Haley Humphrey

“We want (customers) to be able to come to a place and feel at home — cozy,” said owner Tammy Radney.
The lounge had its to-go opening Nov. 24 and many are already back for more after tasting margaritas that could most certainly tempt one’s tastebuds. While Tipsy Island’s margaritas are made with liquor, the hint of alcohol is nearly unrecognizable, as the cold, smooth taste glides down with every drink.
The additive of liquor instead of wine to margaritas is what sparked Radney’s creativity. With the support of her husband, she began her journey of opening her lounge at 1615 S Mustang Road, Suite D.
“That night, I did not sleep whatsoever,” Radney said. “In my mind, I had all this vision. I was like, ‘I want to do a night island vibe.’ The next morning, I got up really early and started writing it down and (my husband) got up and I said, ‘Here’s the plan, let’s do it and he said, ‘Are you serious?’”
The Radneys are good with their hands, as they built all the wood in their lounge. They also painted the island’s floor by using an epoxy that they also use for their water tower business.
The floor has sand crystals and is slip resistance. Radney also hand-painted all the walls inside.
Her lounge dream was finished about 45 days after initially planning it around Aug. 15. Tipsy Island received its alcohol license Nov. 25.

“After that first one, you’re starting to feel good once you need that second one,” Radney said. “We try to pretty much cut everybody off at two. You don’t need more than two. It has a lot of alcohol in it.”
The lounge uses about five bottles of alcohol per blender and they don’t add more to them. The sangria option uses five bottles of red wine and one bottle of vodka.
Radney said they tried to reduce the amount of alcohol; however, the margaritas don’t freeze correctly when the content is lowered. The lounge uses medium-based alcohol, so customers are getting what they pay for, she said.
“Both of my bartenders are Lyft drivers, so if you get too drunk, you are not driving home,” Radney said.
Each margarita flavor can be frozen or on the rocks in a 14-ounce glass. Frozen margaritas are $10, while patrons pay $11 for on the rocks.
There are also non-alcoholic margaritas available in 16-ounce glasses for $7. Thirty-two-ounce glasses are $10.
Frozen margaritas by the gallon may also be purchased for $20 and $25 for on the rocks. Frozen half gallons are $15 and on the rocks half gallons are $20.
Flights are also available for $10.
While shooters are $3, the Tipsy Island staff tells guests to try their margarita first before adding shots.
Happy hour at the lounge is from 3 to 6 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday. Customers may purchase a 32-ounce to-go margarita for $7, a frozen margarita in-person for $8 and an on the rocks for $9.
To celebrate birthdays, the lounge will give away one free nine- or 10-ounce margarita of a guest’s choice.
To accompany their 25 flavors, Radney said they will also have at least five seasonal flavors. All-around flavors range from Cherry Bomb, Peach Bellini, and Hurricane with a range of tequila, whiskey and Everclear.
While the lounge is closed Sundays, Radney said they host parties of no more than 28.
Meals are not served, however, the lounge supports local businesses, like Bella’s Pizzeria, who will deliver orders to those at Tipsy Island. Light snacks will also be provided occasionally at the bar.
There are currently four employees, and Radney said she is looking to hire at least three more people for the night shift.
The Lawton native said she and her family ended up in Mustang after being “pipeline gypsies” for years, traveling across the country.
“I want to support my community,” Radney said.
The lounge follows safety measures, such as wearing masks and sanitizing surfaces before and after each customer. Tipsy Island is open from 12 to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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