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Yukon native and cancer survivor gives back to health care workers

Children’s Hospital Oklahoma City health care providers changed her life.
Now, Pamela Marie Hobby wants to help change theirs.

A young Pamela Marie Hobby stands by her physician’s assistant Pam Foster in 1989. Hobby said she lovingly called her Dr. Pam. Photo / Provided

Hobby, a Yukon native and actress, is a leukemia survivor.
She was diagnosed in 1986 when she was 2 years old.
In 1989, a cancer-free kindergartener walked out of her Oklahoma hospital to later become a successful actress, who had roles in “Criminal Minds,” “Hibiscus” and “Reset.”
Hobby’s mission is to remind health care workers that their sacrifices make an immense difference in the lives of their patients and their family members.
She began her for-profit organization My Doctor’s Meds after visiting a children’s hospital in Iowa in 2019, where she spoke with doctors who were inspired by her story.
One doctor told her that he worries about becoming numb to his work.
A nurse also told her it will be easier going to work tomorrow knowing Hobby’s story, and that children everywhere are impacted by the dedication of medical professionals.
“What if they could talk about it in the walls of the hospital?” Hobby said. “What if they could remember when they park their car and go into that hospital, their work matters?”
Hobby began thinking of ways her survivor story could heal health care workers and promote their mental health well-being.
Throughout her and her husband’s research, she found statistics that indicate many physicians and hospital staff members suffer from depression.
In fact, resources, like the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health showed how physicians’ suicides happen at an increased rate than other occupations.
If sharing her story through a live 50-minute presentation helps at least one health care worker, Hobby said that is enough.
“I just want it to be positively impactful,” she said. “These are hard issues. These are dark issues, but we can bring light to it, so we can get through it together.”
The presentation also discusses well-being of health care workers and thanks their work.
It was important for Hobby to return to her home state to announce the company’s mission, and with that, there will be an art auction from 7 p.m. Friday to 7 p.m. Saturday. People can bid on an Oklahoma City artist’s work titled “Give Thanks” at https://
Piper Bridwell has donated her 30-by-40 canvas that has all the colors of the cancer rainbow to help share Hobby’s message.
There are three loops in the painting’s background.
One is for cancer survivors; one is for current patients and one is for patients who have died.
All proceeds will go toward My Doctor’s Meds, which will use the funds to support medical professionals everywhere.

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