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Road project could signal help for drivers

The drive along Garth Brooks Boulevard could soon be a little bit easier.
The city council, last week, approved a contract with SignalTech that will provide some relief to drivers who frequently complain about the lack of signal light coordination along the stretch of roadway.
City engineer Robbie Willliams said the project will involve the installation of flashing left turn signals at all intersections between NW 10th Street and Vandament Avenue.
In addition, the control boxes will be updated with the latest technology, he said.
That will allow SignalTek to monitor the traffic situation and make adjustments as necessary from offsite.
In addition, the new system will allow the lights to be programmed for the times of day when traffic is heavier or lighter.
“Once they get everything installed, they can tweak it,” he said.
Williams said drivers will see an improvement in traffic flow.
The contract is $202,475 for one year.
This is one of several projects planned along Garth Brooks in an effort to improve traffic, city officials said.
Already, the city has added left-turn lanes at the intersection of Health Center Parkway.
Another project planned is a for right-turn lanes off the Interstate 40 interchange.
That project is included in the current year’s capital improvement budget.
Officials said the goal is to reduce the amount of time that drivers wait in line at intersections along the stretch of road between Vandament and NW 10th Street.

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