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Council to consider mask mandate

A proposed emergency proclamation that was to be discussed at Tuesday’s city council meeting would require everyone to wear a mask while in public.
The emergency proclamation is a follow-up to one originally issued in March and updated several times over the past few months.
The most recent proclamation requires all employees working in restaurants or bars to wear masks while working.
However, the new proclamation would require everyone to wear masks any time they are in public.
The new proclamation also would require all employees of businesses that “engage in the sale, purchase or dispensing of commodities, goods and services” to wear masks.
In addition, venues using theater-style seating would be required to provide staggered seating either by closing every other row or the equivalent of having two seats between separate parties.
The proposed proclamation would go into effect at noon Wednesday and remain in effect until Dec. 10, under the proposal.
Mayor Shelli Selby, who requested the proclamation, was not available for comment Monday.
However, the proposal drew a quick response from some members of the council.
Council member Jeff Wootton said he opposes the proposal and calls the mayor’s proclamation “overstepping.”
In a social media posting Oct. 3, Wootton said, “I will not vote for the approval of this. I think it is a major overstepping in the role of your city government.”
He said while the issue will be discussed in Tuesday’s meeting, it is ultimately the mayor’s decision.
“I will not support a mask mandate,” he said.
Meanwhile, Council member Rick Cacini also said he likely would not support the mandate.
“I can only vote along what my people want, and so far, no one has called to say vote yes,” Cacini said Monday.
Cacini said he had surveyed several people in a local restaurant, and not one person supported a mask mandate.
“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Not one.”
Cacini said the proclamation will be voted on Tuesday, but the mayor could still institute it because a city ordinance gives her that authority.
Monday, the state health department reported there have been 1,266 positive cases of coronavirus in Yukon, including six deaths.
That number is cumulative since mid-March when the health department began tracking cases.
Of those, 1,160 people have recovered.
The number of positive cases In Yukon on Sept. 25 was 1,152. The number of deaths was the same.
According to health department statistics, Yukon is averaging about 11 positive cases per day.
The number of cases in Canadian County, which now is in the orange category on the state’s COVID map, is 2,558 up from 2,325 on Sept 25.

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