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MPS superintendent alarmed by COVID-19 trends

Mustang Public Schools Superintendent Charles Bradley said he is alarmed by the continuous increase in close contacts and quarantines throughout the district in the most recent data released Friday.
More mitigation measures must be taken outside of the classroom, he said in the fourth release.
The new week’s data indicates there are 22 more known positive cases of the virus throughout the district.
Known close contacts and those who are symptomatic has risen 51 percent since Sept. 11.
The number of quarantines since Aug. 10 has also increased by 52 percent.
Those who are actively quarantining for any reason related to COVID-19 has almost doubled at 63 percent, the data shows.
Mustang High School has had 11 more people test positive for the virus since last week.
All schools but Mustang Creek Elementary and Mustang Valley Elementary have at least one positive case.
Thirty-six people have recovered from the virus.
The district reminded people in the fourth week’s data to not report to work/school with symptoms or send symptomatic students to school, as well as to not report to any site if people have received a COVID-19 test and its results are pending.
Send all information regarding positive test results, exposures, close contacts and quarantines to

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