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Broncos top Tigers with OT win

For much of the night, no one had a tougher job than Wesley Haddox.

A Mustang player is congratulated after making a play during Friday’s overtime win against Norman. The Broncos, 2-1, will face Norman North on Saturday for homecoming. Photo / Ron Lane

Mustang’s senior cornerback was matched up against one of the top players in the state Friday when Mustang hosted Norman.
So it should not have been a surprise that with the game on the line and the Tigers needing a big play to win, they were going to their star wideout Jaden Bray.
Haddox, with some help from his fellow defenders were the ones who made the plays to preserve a 34-33 overtime victory.
“It just shows the fight of our team,” Haddox said. ”No matter how down we are, no matter how much you fight us, we’re always going to get back up and fight to win.”
With the score tied at 27, the Broncos had the ball first in overtime.
Tristen Russell drove the squad down to inside the 5-yard line.
On fourth down, MHS could have gone for the field goal, but decided to go for the touchdown instead.
In the fourth quarter, Mustang had a similar situation and chose to go for it instead of kicking the short field goal.
They came up short, which was a big reason the game was sent to the extra frame.
However, in overtime, Russell kept the ball and he powered his way into the end zone for the go-ahead score.
The ensuing extra point gave MHS a 34-27 advantage.
Norman scored when Tias McClarty threw a short TD pass over the middle, which closed the deficit to 34-33.
The Tigers, who had kicking problems all night, decided to go for the 2-point conversion and the win.
McClarty tried to hit Bray in the back of the end zone. But Haddox, with the help of Keene Karston, kept Bray from making a spectacular game-winning catch on the sideline and the ball floated out of bounds.
“They had been throwing it to him in the red zone over and over again,” Haddox said. “I got a lot of encouragement from my coaches, my teammates. Trusting me to put me in that position and make a play, and I did what I did.”
The entire Mustang sideline stormed the field and the Broncos moved to 2-1 on the season.
The bread and butter of the Broncos offense has been its running game.
Once again, they were able to get it going as Russell, Devyn Martin and Dominique Dunn racked up 255 yards on 53 carries.
Dunn accounted for three scores while Russell reached the end zone twice.
While the defense struggled to stop the big plays, Mustang was still able to come up with key turnovers.
Keene and Trevor Price both picked off McClarty.
Price‘s interception came late in the fourth quarter when McClarty tried to force it into Bray in the end zone. It helped send the contest into overtime.
“They like to throw it deep; they like to throw it a lot,” Haddox said. “Our game was just use your technique, use what you have been taught. Just go out there and give it your best shot.”
Mustang will be at home for their third straight game Saturday when they host Norman North in both team’s first district game of the season.
For Mustang, it is homecoming.
Homecoming activities will begin at 6:30 p.m. with kickoff set for 7.
The game was moved to Saturday after a Norman North player reported a contact exposure to COVID-19.
The Timberwolves are coming off a tough 41-24 loss to Yukon.
They were shorthanded against the Millers, but they expected to be back to full strength by the time they pull into Bronco Stadium.
“I want to see us come out here with even more effort,” Haddox said. ”Build on this week, learn from our mistakes and do better next week.”

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