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National search planned for city manager

Yukon city leaders say they expect to conduct a national search to find the next city manager after Jim Crosby announced his retirement Tuesday.
Mayor Shelli Selby said she was aware of Crosby’s plans, and wished him well.
“He and I talked about it. It’s time. He needs to spend time with his wife and family,” she said.
Other members of the council were surprised by Crosby’s announcement, which came near the end of Tuesday’s council meeting.
Crosby read a prepared statement saying that he has enjoyed his time working for the city, but wanted to spend more time with his family.
Crosby, who turns 80 on Jan. 20, will retire two days later.
Crosby and his wife have two children living at home, a 15-year-old and a 13-year-old.
“I’m very sad he is leaving. He brought us back from the brink where (former city manager) Grayson (Bottom) left us,” Selby said of Crosby.
“He and I have had a lot of conversations and I hope he will continue to be a mentor,” she said.
Crosby has offered to help the council as it begins the process of replacing him, and has provided several
Selby said the city plans to do a nationwide search for a new city manager, but expects to have several internal candidates as well.
“We may have the right person right here with our own people, or it may be someone from outside. They will have some big shoes to fill. It will be hard coming in behind Jim Crosby,” she said.
Selby said the council will likely begin the search process at its next meeting. She expects to hold an executive session to discuss the process.
Crosby has been the city manager in Yukon twice.
He served from 1994 until 2010, when he retired.
He returned to the job at the city council’s request in April 2016 after Bottom’s contract was not renewed after the council discovered problems within the city’s finances.
At the time he returned, the city’s reserve account had about $3,000 remaining.
In August, Crosby told the council the fund now had almost $8 million available when all accounts were included.
Selby said the city will need to be cautious as they look for Crosby’s replacement.
“You have to be very careful and not rush into this. We’ll have to thoroughly look at character and records before making a decision,” she said.
Fortunately, Selby said, Crosby gave the city plenty of time to prepare.
Meanwhile, council member Rick Cacini said he was surprised by Crosby’s decision.
“I expected it at some point. I’m 73 and I quit working a few years ago,” he said. “I am surprised it happened today.”

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