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Yukon’s newest school is set for students

The delay in starting of traditional classes did have one benefit for some students in Yukon — Redstone Intermediate School will be ready when classes begin next week.

Teachers get a tour of the new Redstone Intermediate School on Friday. The school will officially open next week. It was funded by a 2017 school bond issue. Photo / Provided

Yukon’s newest school is located north of Yukon at the intersection of Britton and Mustang Roads.
The $28 million project was completed last week when the district received its final inspection report.
Friday, Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth along with the school’s faculty and staff toured the finished facility for the first time.
The intermediate school is one of three that will house students in fourth through sixth grades.
The others are Lakeview and Independence, which have been rebranded as intermediate schools.
They previously were considered upper elementary schools, with students in fourth and fifth grades.
Previously, students in sixth grade attended the Sixth Grade Academy, which was housed at the Yukon Middle School.
Simeroth said that while he doesn’t have final numbers, he expects the project to come in below the original estimate.
“We are very blessed,” Simeroth said. “The construction company did such a good job.”
Simeroth said he is excited to vacate “mini Redstone.”
“We are in the real Redstone,” he said.
During Friday’s tour, teachers got an opportunity to see their rooms and were able to walk through the building.
“It was fantastic. You should have seen the teachers on Friday. It is so nice to walk through a building and see what you like instead of looking for things to fix. It changes the attitude,” Simeroth said.
Meanwhile, the former Sixth Grade Academy will be used for additional classrooms for seventh- and eighth-grade students.
“It will give us more social distancing opportunities,” Simeroth said.
Meanwhile, Yukon’s prekindergarten through third-grade students were scheduled to return to the physical classrooms on Wednesday.
The last time most Yukon students attended school in person was in March before spring break.
Since then, students have attended class virtually because of the coronavirus.
Officials had not expected to return to the physical classroom until after fall break. However, the number of people being diagnosed with COVID-19 has declined to fewer than 10 cases per 100,000 people for four out of the last five weeks.
At Simeroth’s recommendation, the school board voted 4-1 last week to return to the classroom early.

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