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Pets and People finds a new home

After months of searching, Pets and People has found a place to call home.
“We’re super excited,” said Pets and People executive director Amy Young.
Located near Morgan Road and Reno at 9733 NW 4th St., the new location has everything the pet rescue could have wanted.
The building itself has been fully remodeled and includes about 1,600 square feet of office space in the front, with an additional 6,100 square feet of warehouse space in the back.
“In the office space, we’ll be able to have an adoption room, a kitten room and a place for foster play dates,” Young said.
In the back, she added, the space will accommodate about 20 “dog condos” with large runs, along with an indoor area for agility training and exercise.
There’s even enough space to park the rescue van inside.
“We’ll be able to store all of our event materials, and we’ll be able to hold more donations from the Pets and People thrift store,” Young said. “We’re really excited about the space.”
The thrift store, Young noted, will not change locations and will remain at 322½ Elm Ave. in Yukon.
In June, the rescue received word from the city of Yukon that it had to vacate the building it previously shared with Yukon Animal Control by the end of the year.
In January, the city had moved its animal control operation to its new facility at 701 Inla.
Originally, the rescue had planned to build a dedicated rescue center on three acres it already owns, but COVID-19 affected that timeline.
Philanthropic donations dropped, and many projects were put on hold.
Now, it’s full steam ahead with the new building.
“The warehouse area has to be completely basically retrofitted to create a shelter space for dogs,” Young said, adding that the rescue plans to include space for a dog and cat ‘spa,’ where animals’ wellness checks will be conducted.
Overall, that means a lot of work.
“We have a blank canvas with the warehouse, which is fantastic, but it’s still a blank canvas,” Young said. “We’re submitting plans for licensing, and we’re doing a lot of ordering.
“Our hope is that by Oct. 1 we can start sharing through social media and local media the things that we need for the shelter, such as a commercial washer and dryer, a refrigerator for medications – those kinds of things.”
The office space will need attention too, as the organization turns it into an adoption center where potential adopters will come in to meet volunteers and adoptable pets.
Despite the pandemic, adoptions are still taking place.
Since Jan. 1, Young said Pets and People has facilitated 782 pets. Many of those adoptions have been done curbside.
Young thanked the community for their continued support of the rescue organization.
“We cannot wait to provide that service for the community of Yukon and the surrounding areas,” she said. “We are able to be in this position of opening an adoption center because of our supporters.”

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