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County schools receive safety equipment

Andrew Skidmore had his hands full this week. He was playing deliveryman.
Skidmore, director of Canadian County’s office of emergency management, was delivering boxes of personal protective equipment to schools in the county.

Canadian County Emegency Management Director Andrew Skidmore inventories a box of personal protection equipment that was being delivered to school districts across the county this week. The equipment was provided by the state to help schools open safely. Photo / Terry Groover

Skidmore said the deliveries are part of $10 million in PPEs that were donated by the state to school districts across the state.
The boxes, which he began delivering on Wednesday, included enough cloth masks for each student in the county to receive two, a mask for each teacher, gowns and face shields as well as gloves.
Yukon was expected to receive its delivery by Friday.
The district, which begins classes on Monday, has already distributed hundreds of masks to its employees throughout the district.
It is requiring all employees to wear masks on the job, and students attending a physical school are being urged to wear masks.
However, most Yukon students will attend classes for at least the first nine weeks virtually through the district’s continuous learning plan.
The masks will be distributed to them at a later time.
Skidmore said this is a way to help the districts in a time of uncertainty.
Mustang received its supplies on Wednesday. Classes begin there on Monday as well.
However, unlike Yukon, most Mustang students will be at their school.
District spokesperson Kirk Wilson said the district is appreciative of the PPE delivery from the state, which will help supplement the safety equipment it had purchased earlier.
“We had already purchased a great deal of PPE for our school purposes before the governor made his announcement. We are certainly grateful, and will put it to good use,” he said.
Mustang had included a facemask on its supply list this year for most students, he said.
However, the additional PPE provided by the state will help fill the gap when students forget theirs.
“This will greatly help with that,” he said.
Any student attending Mustang schools in fifth grade and above will be required to wear a mask while at school.
The governor announced the plan to use CARES Act funds to distribute the PPE in July.
The distribution included 1.7 million reusable masks, 42,000 clear face shields, 1.2 million pairs of gloves and 1.2 million disposable gowns.
In making the announcement, Stitt said it was important for schools to operate safely.
“I am committed to providing our schools with the resources and support they need in order to welcome students back to the classroom while also prioritizing their health,” Stitt said.

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