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Yukon schools’ start date moved

As part of its plan to implement its continuous learning plan, the Yukon School District has pushed back the start of classes to Aug. 24.
This is the second time the start of school has been moved.

The Yukon School District has pushed back the start of classes to Aug. 24. Photo / File

Originally, classes were to begin Aug. 13. However, they were moved to Aug. 20 during the July school board meeting at Simeroth’s request.
Monday, the district posted that it was moving the start to Aug. 24 to give staff more time to train on the continuous learning platform.
Simeroth announced late Thursday that Yukon was abandoning its plan to return
students to the classroom until at least October as it works to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.
At least two members of the administrative staff have tested positive for the illness in the last few weeks, as has an assistant principal.
Simeroth said the decision to move school from the physical classroom to virtual realm was not an easy one to make, but is for the safety of students and staff.
Meanwhile, the district released its updated Return to Learn plan on Monday.
Classes for students at the elementary level, pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, will begin each morning at 8:30 a.m.; at the middle school level at 9:30 a.m.; and 10 a.m. for those in high school.
Meanwhile, the deadline to enroll in Yukon’s virtual school, which will be taught online through the end of the semester, is 3 p.m. Wednesday.
The virtual school is self-paced and is taught on Florida Virtual or Edgenuity.
Those who had previously applied for virtual school who want to return to the continuous learning plan also can withdraw by 3 p.m. Wednesday.
Those who do not enroll in virtual school will be enrolled in the continuous learning plan by default, the district said.
“Rest assured that the district is closely monitoring several sources of information and will not permit a return to the traditional pathway until it is deemed safe for students and staff. We understand making this decision among so much uncertainty is not easy for our community. We appreciate your patience and trust as we continue to navigate together,” the district said in a statement.
To make the continuous learning plan feasible, the district will provide electronic devices, either a Chromebook or tablet, to each student, said Simeroth.
The district also plans to provide hotspots throughout the community to assists those who do not have personal access to the internet.

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