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Mayor’s police report against lawmaker released

A one-paragraph police report that was filed by Yukon’s mayor against a member of the Oklahoma House of Repre-sentatives has been released publicly.
Shelli Selby filed the report last week against Jay Steagall, a Yukon business owner and member of the state House.
Selby claims in the report that Steagall has harassed her for political reasons related to a mandate she issued requiring the use of facemasks by workers in bars and restaurants.
Steagall has said he believes Selby’s proclamation is illegal because it was not approved by the city council.
Selby, relying on a 1967 ordinance passed by the city council related to rioting, believes it is legal.
That ordinance was approved on July 2, 1968, and sets guidelines related to public health, peace and safety.
It allows the mayor to declare a state of emergency.
Selby, on Friday, said she was concerned about Steagall’s actions related to the proclamation, which sets a penalty for those who disregard the rule.
Those penalties could include fines and jail time.
However, the penalties were expected to be discussed during Tuesday’s city council meeting.
Steagall said he believes the mayor went too far with her proclamation, which is limited to only bars and restaurants. No other businesses are impacted.
Selby said Steagall explained his concerns, but then contacted her numerous times about his feelings and even went as far as contacting her friends.
Selby sent a six-page letter stating her concerns to the Speaker of the Oklahoma House, as well as Gov. Kevin Stitt and other officials.
In the letter, she encouraged Speaker Charles McCall to speak with Steagall and explain what his role should be.
Monday, McCall said he would have no comment on Selby’s letter.

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