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County voters head to the polls

Turnout was decent as voters headed to the polls across Canadian County to decide one county office, along with state and federal offices and one state question.

A voter signs in to cast her ballot at South Yukon church of Christ early Tuesday. In addition to primary elections, Oklahomans were set to vote on SQ 802, which deals with Medicaid expansion in the state. Photo / Larissa Copeland

County Election Board Secretary Wanda Armold said turnout at the polls had been steady, but the number of people voting early and by absentee ballot was fairly significant.
Armold said 622 people voted in-person on Thursday, Friday or Saturday during early voting.
However, the number voting by absentee ballot was up significantly with 5,808 people requesting absentee ballots.
As of Monday, more than 4,000 of those ballots had been returned.
Armold said many people didn’t want to visit the polls because of the threat of
In Canadian County, voters were deciding who will serve as the county court clerk. The candidates included Marie Hirst, who is the incumbent and Rindie Hunt, her former chief deputy.
The winner will take office Jan. 1.
The other major decision being made is the fate of State Question 802, which would expand the state’s Medicaid program to include more low-income adults.
Currently, the program known as SoonerCare only covers children, adults with disabilities and women who are pregnant.

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