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‘NERF War’ planned to raise money for charity

A group of Yukon siblings plan to start a war. But it’s for a good cause … and could be a lot of fun.
Incoming Yukon High School junior Alex Terrel, 17, and brothers Tony, 14; Andrew, 15; and Addin, 11; first planned on having a NERF gun war at Chisholm Trail Park, but then realized they could involve the community while raising money for those in need.

Tony, Alex and Addin Terrel show a few of their NERF guns, along with new shoes. The siblings are planning a NERF war to raise money for Shoes for Kids. Photo / Provided

“With the whole coronavirus-thing going on, everyone is trying to find things for kids to do,” said Alex Terrel. “Me and my brothers were planning on having a NERF war at Chisholm Trail Park, and we had planned to bring extra NERF guns in case anyone else wanted to join us. But then we decided to post it on Facebook.”
“NERF for Shoes” is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. June 27 at Chisholm Trail Park. It’ll run, Alex Terrel said, until everyone’s done playing.
“We’re hoping to raise at least $100 for Shoes for Kids,” he said.
Terrel said he and his brothers decided to support Shoes for Kids because their mother, Carolyn Terrel, is the nonprofit’s team leader.
“It (Shoes for Kids) is having trouble this year,” Alex Terrel said.
Established in August 2018, Shoes for Kids provides shoes to children in need.
Thanks to the nonprofit’s efforts, shoe closets have been established at several Yukon elementary schools, including Shedeck, Myers, Independence and Lakeview.
Terrel added that he’s hoping to get some foam dart donations to use as ammunition during their event. He expects at least 30 people to come and take part.
There’s no entry fee to participate, but donations will be accepted and passed on to Shoes for Kids.
The brothers will bring their own collection of NERF guns for others to use, but they encourage anyone participating to bring their own NERF guns.
“We’ve only got so many that we can provide,” Terrel said. “We’d really like for people to bring their own NERF guns, too.”
Sharpies and tape will be provided during the event, so participants can write their names on their personal NERF guns to make sure no one else accidentally picks up the wrong gun.
There are some limitations: Rival-type NERF guns, which shoot foam balls rather than darts, won’t be allowed during the event.
Only guns that shoot foam darts are allowed.
“My brothers and I love NERF,” Terrel said. “This is about having fun.”
Terrel asked anyone donating darts to send the darts to 9717 NW 10th St. Trlr 322.

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  1. Natalie Waggoner on June 19, 2020 at 5:11 pm

    I’ve know these boys for quite awhile and they are some great kids! What a great idea guys! You rock!❤️

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