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Frisco Road bids lower than expected

A much-anticipated project that will provide access to Frisco Road from Interstate 40 could begin as early as October, officials said Thursday.
And, it will cost less than expected.
Officials with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation opened bids Thursday on the Frisco Road interchange project.
The low bid was just over $14 million, which is about 16 percent below the engineer’s estimate of $17 million.
The bid was submitted by Sherwood Construction of Tulsa and was one of five bids submitted.
Four of the five bids were below the $17 million estimate.
The bids will be reviewed by the agency, and the contract is expected to be awarded at the transportation commission’s July 6 meeting.
Work would likely begin within 60 days.
The project has a 320-calendar day timetable, said Lisa Shearer-Salim, a spokesperson for ODOT.
The project will add on- and off-ramps between Interstate 40 and Frisco Road.
The property along the east side of Frisco Road is considered the last commercially viable property in Yukon near the interstate.
The west side of Frisco Road is in Oklahoma City.
Jim Crosby, the Yukon city manager, said a number of developers have approached the city about possibly locating in the area.
However, most are waiting until ground work begins on the interchange before making a commitment.
“There are people who are still leery, with cuts to road funding,” Crosby said. “I would anticipate when they start, we will hear from people looking to move forward.”
The city manager also said he was happy with the bid.
“We were well-pleased with the bids. I was surprised,” he said.
Crosby said he suspects that contractors are “hungry” for business and want to put their employees to work.
“We are always pleased to see the bids come in low,” he said.
This is the second recent Yukon-ODOT project in which the bids have come in significantly lower than expected.
The first phase of State Highway 4 widening project began in January. The low bid on that work was submitted by Manhattan Road and Bridge of Tulsa. It was $2.3 million under estimates.
Crosby said the first phase of the SH-4 project is well underway with several bridge piers already in place.
The 1,500-foot bridge will replace three that cross the North Canadian River as well as two tributaries.
It will be wider than the current bridges to allow for future expansion to a four-lane road.
The first phase is expected to be completed in time for the second phase to begin, which will widen the highway from Main Street in Yukon to Wagner Road.
A third phase is also planned that would widen the road from Wilshire Boulevard to State Highway 3. That project is being done by ODOT and Oklahoma City.

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  1. Brenda Lang on June 23, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    Does this project include any of Frisco Road from I-40 south to 10th Street? We will have a nice exchange only to drive south on Frisco into craters. Thank you for working on this project.

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