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County OKs Banner Road Fix

The Canadian County commissioners, on Monday, signed a resolution asking the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to prepare options to modify an intersection where a Yukon businessman was killed in November.
“It’s been 7½ months since my dad was killed there. I want something done. I don’t care what you do, do something,” said Davis’s daughter, Candy Schwartz.
Ray Davis died Nov. 24 after the motorcycle he was riding struck a tractor trailer that had allegedly run a stop sign at the intersection of Banner Road and State Highway 66.
Earlier this year, ODOT made the intersection a four-way stop. Previously, drivers on Banner Road were supposed to stop, while those on SH-66 could pass through the intersection at 55 mph.
The four-way stop, however, is considered a temporary measure.
A proposal by ODOT would create a modified roundabout for the intersection at a cost of $450,000.
The project would be funded through federal safety dollars, said Lisa Shearer-Salim, an ODOT spokesperson.
The county would be responsible for the first $25,000 in engineering costs as well as any rights-of-way that need to be purchased.
Meanwhile, several residents told the commissioners they are happy with the temporary fix.
They say it is less expensive and appears to be working.
ODOT, however, has chosen the roundabout as the preferred choice.
It, however, would not have any signalization.
A third option is to provide signalization at the intersection.
Signalization would cost between $250,000 and $300,000, officials have said.
However, that proposal would require on-going maintenance and operational costs that would be borne by the county.
County Commissioner Marc Hader, who represents District 1, has previously said he had concerns about that aspect of the signalization proposal.
He believes state law requires the state agency to pay for those expenses.
Salim said the agency does not own any signal lights and is not in that business.
Monday’s resolution doesn’t specify what type of modification should be made, only that the intersection needs to be modified.
The roundabout proposal was originally supposed to be considered by ODOT during its September meeting. However, because the county had not taken action on its resolution, the proposal was pulled from the agenda and moved to November.

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