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Water supply uncertain at new fairgrounds

While earthmoving progresses on the new Canadian County Fairgrounds, plans to provide a 12-inch water line to the project are incomplete.
County Commis-sioner Jack Stewart said Monday that he’s looking into the bottleneck.
He had expected to hear by now about how the Canadian County Water Authority was proceeding with the county’s plans to buy water from it.
Stewart spoke during Monday’s meeting of the county’s Public Facilities Authority, a group made up of the three commissioners that oversees the fairgrounds work – with the commissioners attending in person and members of the public and the media listening on a conference call.
Canadian County Water Authority Chairman Lance Brown, contacted later by the Yukon Review, commented on status of talks.
“The ball is in the county’s court,” he said.
“The fairgrounds are in our district, so the county has to purchase water from us.”
The water authority worked with city of El Reno to obtain a contract to purchase water for the fairgrounds, and the authority approved the contract on April 2, 2019, Brown said.

“We are eager to work with the county however we can.”
Stewart said he hopes that the pipeline would be on agenda of the five-member water authority’s monthly meeting, which will be held through Zoom at 5 p.m. Thursday.
Brown said it wasn’t on the agenda, but he hoped Stewart would be on the Zoom meeting.

The commissioners had considered annexing the fairgrounds into the city of El Reno, which would have put the fairgrounds on El Reno city water, but talks with the city are at an impasse.
El Reno’s water lines are the closest to the 50-acre fairgrounds site, just east of the El Reno city limits at the intersection of Jensen Road and Alfadale Road.
At the Jan. 27 PFA meeting, Mayor and Acting City Manager Matt White encouraged the commissioners to annex.
If the county doesn’t annex, the water line wouldn’t be important for the city to build.
“We will put our money into something else,” White said.
The commissioners voted unanimously to table indefinitely the city’s annexation proposal.
Commissioner David Anderson said that he is waiting to see conditions the city would place on the fairgrounds project if the land is annexed. He’s concerned because the city’s building standards are more rigorous than the county’s.
The Canadian County Water Authority serves 750 mostly rural homes and businesses between El Reno and Oklahoma City, which extends well into Canadian County and ranks eighth nationally in land mass.
The next step for the water authority to serve the fairgrounds is for the county commissioners to request a meter, Brown said.

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