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Work progresses at Redstone Intermediate

Despite the threat created by the coronavirus, work is moving forward at Yukon’s newest school.
Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth said a significant portion of the exterior work at Redstone Intermediate School is now complete and crews are moving forward with interior work.
Simeroth said this week that all that remains for the exterior structure is some facade on the sixth-grade portion of the building as well as the gymnasium.

Work is moving forward at Redstone Intermediate School, with crews doing interior work while completing the exterior. Photo / Chris Eversole

The first layer of asphalt is in place in front of the building and concrete isin place for the playground behind the building.
“They are working as hard as they can trying to make up as much ground as possible,” said Simeroth.
Work on the building was slowed last spring and early summer by significant rainfall.
However, crews are nearly back on schedule.
Simeroth said the heat and air conditioning systems have been installed on the roof, which should allow crews working on the interior portion of the building to move a little quicker.
The $27 million building is expected to be completed in time for the start of the 2020-21 school year. Simeroth said that is still the goal.
“We are still cautiously optimistic that we will be there at the start of school,” Simeroth said.
Redstone, which is being funded by a bond issue approved in 2017, will house students in fourth- through sixth-grades.
It will join two existing elementary schools that will be rebranded as intermediate schools next year — Indepe-ndence and Lakeview.
Both of those schools now house fourth- and fifth-grade students.
All sixth-grade students attend the Sixth Grade Academy, which is located at Yukon Middle School.
Officials have said the goal is to put the sixth-grade students with other students that are closer to their age. It will also ease the transition for the younger students.
Simeroth also has pointed out that each of the schools will be considered neighborhood schools, as they are near where the students live.
Redstone is located in the northern portion of the district near the intersection of Mustang Road and Britton Road.
That also is one of the fastest growing areas in the Yukon district with hundreds of new homes planned for the area over the next few years.

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