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Sara Road expansion will help drive Mustang’s future

A worker welds a gas line that is being moved at Sara Road and State Highway 152 as part of the Sara Road widening project. Photo / Chris Eversole

Crews are hard at work on the widening of Sara Road from just north of Southwest 29th Street to State Highway 152.
Although the intersection of Southwest 29th Street and Sara Road has been completed, most of the other current work on the $19.6 million project is relocating utility lines.
The funding includes $7.2 million from the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, $8.2 million from the city of Oklahoma City and $4.2 million from the city of Mustang.
Mustang’s portion is funded by the 1% city sales tax that voters approved in 2016, Assistant City Manager Justin Battles said.
The project is being done to supplement the extension of the John Kilpatrick Turnpike through the Mustang area, and the Turnpike Authority is coordinating the work.
The work will transform Sara Road from an aging, two-lane country road to a modern roadway comparable to the section of Mustang Road that parallels it, said Joe Echelle, assistant executive director of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.
Sara Road carries more than 5,500 vehicles daily, and Mustang Road carries more than 20,000, he said.
The project includes building four traffic lanes and adding turn lanes and sidewalks.
State Rep. Brian Hill, R-Mustang, welcomed the work.
“Due to our district’s rapid growth and the current congestion, many of us face daily on our commute home, the Sara Road project is crucial to the long-term success of the Mustang area,” he said.
“Reducing the number of vehicles currently traveling on Mustang Road daily will significantly improve the lives of our residents and better serve our continued expansion as a community.”
Mustang Mayor Jess Schweinberg said the project is important to the city.
“The city of Mustang will gain some tremendous benefits with the widening of Sarah Road,” he said.
“There is still a lot of discussion taking place, so no dates are set at this time, but it could not happen quick enough.”
Mustang Public Schools spokesman Kirk Wilson said he drove Sara Road Tuesday.
“I saw the utilities moving and wondered: hard to believe there’s enough room to expand it like Mustang Road.
“I think the work will definitely help with bus routes in terms of time and safety.
“Our community is rapidly growing, and road construction is just part of the process.”
The work will take up more than a year and half to complete.
“We don’t anticipate any long-term closures to complete the project, but we will be working with contractors and engineers to decide how best to proceed with the work,” Echelle said.

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