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Sales tax numbers continue to falter

The recent downturn in the economy across Oklahoma has taken a major toll on communities in Canadian County, and some official say things are likely to get worse.
Sales tax numbers for March, released by the Oklahoma Tax Commission, show a decline of more than $2 million, when compared to January numbers, and $729,000 when compared to last year.
There are 10 government entities in the county that shared $6.265 million in sales tax revenue in March.
Those numbers represent business activity in the last two weeks of January and the estimated sales in the first 15 days of February.
Of those, eight showed declines in sales tax.
Yukon’s sales tax check for March was $1,684,978. That is a decline of $378,000 over last month and $43 when compared to last March.
The city also saw dwindling use tax returns at $144,042.
That is down $83,540 when compared to last month.
City Manager Jim Crosby said he is concerned about the trend, especially with the current concerns over coronavirus.
Crosby said he has asked each of his department heads to reduce their budget by 2% through the end of the fiscal year.
In all, he expects the city to reduce spending by almost $1 million between now and June 30.
Crosby has told the city council recently that Yukon’s economy will take a financial hit over the next few months.
Meanwhile, Yukon is not the only city with the financial woes. Mustang saw its sales tax number falls $101,265 for the month.
The March receipts total $857,802. That is down $22,729 when compared to last March.
The use tax for Mustang also was down substantially. For March it was $62,614. That is less than half of the amount received in February, but is up $5,171 from last March.
El Reno’s sales tax was $809,558, which is down $265,376 from February’s numbers.
The community, which thrives on the oil-field industry, took a major hit in December when Halliburton announced the closing of a local operation.
Since then, sales tax numbers have dwindled.
In February, El Reno received $1,074,934.
El Reno’s use tax also dipped to $240,726. That is down from $445,449 from February.
The portion of Oklahoma City that is in Canadian County also saw a continuing decline in sales tax, falling by more than $1 million.
In March, the receipts totaled $1,657,550. That is down $1,214,245 from February.
The use tax was down $525,258 for the same period. The total was $645,463 in March.
Canadian County received $598,782 from a dedicated sales tax that funds the county’s children justice center. That is down $300,091 when compared to February. It also was down $122,022 from last March.
The county’s use tax totaled $122,997, which is the lowest it has been in more than a year. It is a decline of $103,525 over February and $31,642 over last March.
Other communities in Canadian County:
• Calumet was one of two communities that saw an increase, receiving $254,287 in March. That is an increase of $222,962 over last month.
• Geary’s sales tax was down $16,634. It totaled $46,779.
• Okarche saw a $32,100 increase in sales tax at $73,085.
• Piedmont’s tax receipts were down $11,513 at $182,547.
• Union City’s sale tax totaled $100,473, a decline of $20,839.

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