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Banner roundabout project placed on hold

The Canadian County commissioners on Monday tabled a proposal to help fund a roundabout at State Highway 66 and Banner Road.
The county’s share, $94,000, would fund the design work on the roundabout, Commission Marc Hader said.
“It would get us in the queue to get this done, possibly within this calendar year,” he said.
Commissioners David Anderson and Jack Stewart said they did not have enough information about the proposal.
Anderson and Stewart were skeptical about the affordability of the proposal compared to installing traffic signals.
Anderson and Stewart said they would check with ODOT officials and others so they could make a decision later.
Hader said he hoped to bring the proposal back to next Monday’s commissioners meeting.
Later in the day, an Oklahoma Department of Transportation representative gave details of the plan.
The roundabout would be the best way to improve safety at the dangerous intersection, where Yukon businessman Ray Davis died Nov. 24 after a semi-truck pulled onto SH-66 in front of his motorcycle, ODOT spokeswoman Lisa Shearer-Salim said.
“People don’t always obey traffic signals,” she said.
ODOT plans to use $450,000 in federal traffic safety funds for the project.
It will be a modified roundabout, taking up less room than a full roundabout, which would have carried a $2 million to $3 million price tag, Shearer-Salim said.
The modified roundabout could fit in the existing right-of-way for SH-66, she said.
Earlier in Monday’s meeting, two members of the public spoke.
Candy Schwarz, the daughter of Davis, claimed that the commissioners had failed over the years to help make the intersection safer.
“Nothing was done due to inaction of the board, and my father is now dead,” she said.
She also criticized Hader for not contacting her after her father’s death.
Hader responded that the recent push for a solution was the commission’s fourth attempt.
He said he had not contacted Schwarz because members of her family he talked with and State Rep. Jay Steagall had advised him against it.
“I am very sorry,” he said. “I apologize for not reaching out.”
Henry Heinrich, the owner of El Reno Sod, said that he sends up to 10 trucks a day through the intersection and that a roundabout would be hard for the trucks to navigate.

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