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Recycling company eyes Yukon customers

Efforts by some Yukon residents to bring curbside recycling to the city could be working … just not through the city.
A private company, Recyclops, has proposed bringing a subscription-based recycling service to the community.
The company has received the city’s blessing to try and get subscribers.
According to officials with the company, which is based in Utah, at least one other Oklahoma town is using the company’s services.
Yukon city spokesperson Jenna Roberson said the company contacted the city in September about bringing in its services.
That is about the same time that several Yukon residents initially approached the city about adding curbside recycling to the services offered.
Resident Jenny Davis said at that time that Yukon was one of only five towns in central Oklahoma with a population of more than 7,000 that didn’t offer curbside recycling.
Yukon does offer a recycling center, but not curbside services.
Officials have said there are concerns about the costs involved with adding recycling to the utility bill.
Roberson said any decision about adding a charge for recycling services would likely be put to a vote of the residents.
Meanwhile, Recyclops is offering an alternate service.
Officials said this week that they plan to launch a sign-up campaign in Yukon.
The company said it offers a unique model that uses a tech-driven, smart routing app and local drivers to pick up recyclables.
The company said residents will be able to subscribe for recycling services to have recyclable items picked up from their homes twice a month.
When it launched in Bartlesville, the company had 400 subscribers.
They will need 500 homes to be signed up before operations begin in Yukon.
The company said that in addition to bringing a recycling program to Yukon, the company would also create jobs for local contractors through its sharing-economy business model.
The company said it would create one job for every 60 households that use the service.
The cost of recycling services is $10 per month for the twice-monthly service.
For more information about the service, visit recyclops.come/Yukon.


  1. Jenny Davis on February 29, 2020 at 9:39 am

    This company’s cost is much too high and an RFP process was promised in order to bring costs down.

  2. Brenda Lang on June 23, 2020 at 4:21 pm

    RFP – Request for Proposal

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