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Sales tax revenue continues to dip

The good news is that communities throughout Canadian County will share more than $8.6 million in sales tax revenue in February.
The bad news is that amount is more than $2.3 million below what was shared last year at the same time.
The Oklahoma Tax Commission recently released its February sales tax report, which is based on the actual sales revenue for the final 15 days of December and the estimate of sales for the first 15 days of January.
Most Canadian County communities saw declines when compared to the previous year, but several saw increases based against January’s report.
Sales tax revenue in Yukon was down in both instances. For February, Yukon received $1,931,027. That is down from $2,062,977 last February and down from $2,000,940 in January.
Yukon did see an increase in use tax in year-to-year numbers. For the month, Yukon received $230,697. Last year, the number was $227,581.
Use taxes are charged against items that are purchased on the Internet or purchased elsewhere and brought into the community for use.
Meanwhile, Mustang was among the communities seeing an increase in revenue for the year. Mustang’s sales tax was $962,627 compared to $959,067. However, it was down when compared to the $977,208 received in January.
Mustang’s use tax totaled $152,547, which was up $18,418 over the amount received last February.
El Reno continues to feel the effects of problems in the oil patch. The sales tax numbers for El Reno are down by $240,416 when compared to last year. This year’s total was $834,518. However, the tax report showed an increase of $966 for the month when compared to January.
El Reno’s use tax continues to be hammered. This month’s report indicated $276,491 in revenue. That compares to $686,175 last year. That is a drop of almost $409,684.
Oklahoma City had the largest drop in sales tax, falling more than $1,059,754 from the previous year. The February check was $1,812,041. In January, it was $2,344,459.
Oklahoma City’s use tax also declined, falling to $949,429 compared to $1,170,721 last year.
Elsewhere in the county:
• Calumet’s sales tax for January was $25,142, down from $31,321. The use tax was $6,761;
• Geary’s sales tax was $48,641 compared to $64,413. The use tax was $8,161;
• Okarche saw an increase in its sales tax revenue, jumping to $115,560 from $83,585. The use tax also was up slightly, $22,247 compared to $21,409;
• Piedmont received $197,182 in sales tax, up from $194,059 last year. The use tax was $97,920, which was up $27,175 from last year’s total.
• Union City received $52,909 in sales tax, a significant drop from last year’s total of $121,312. Union City use tax was $23,924.
• Canadian County continud to see its sales tax decline when compared to year-over-year. However, it was up compared to last month. The February check was $728,766. That is down $170,107 compared to last year, but up $280,139 from January.
• The county’s use tax check was $166,738 compared to $226,522 last February.

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