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Couple shares advice for long-lasting love

Larry and Dorothy Paxton, of Yukon, share a kiss recently at Nina Willingham Senior Living Center. The Paxtons celebrated 29 years of marriage on Friday. They met in Stillwater through a mutual friend, and ‘just knew’ they were meant to be together. Photo / Robert Medley

Twenty nine years ago, Larry and Dorothy Paxton met through a mutual friend in Stillwater.
Larry Paxton was working as the parts manager at Bryan Motor Co. in Stillwater, and his bride-to-be was working at Graves Used Cars about a mile and half away.
After meeting, they dated three months and then, on Valentine’s Day 1991, they married in a small ceremony with friends and relatives at a Stillwater home.
Friday, Larry Paxton, 82, and Dorothy Paxton, 74, celebrated their 29th anniversary where they live today at Nina Willingham Senior Housing, 900 E Vandament Ave.
Larry Paxton recalled how it all got started. Marriage was her idea, he joked.
“She talked me into it,” Larry Paxton said.
Dorothy Paxton laughed, and interrupted. “Uhhhh. I did not talk him into it.”
She then became a bit more serious about the reasons for marriage.
“We just knew it was right,” Dorothy said. “I guess maybe it was our ages at the time. I needed him, and he needed me, and we’ve been together ever since,” Dorothy Paxton said.
Larry Paxton said he figured Valentine’s Day was the right time to begin the married life.
“We talked about it, and we thought that would just be ideal, that would be a good day,” Larry Paxton said. “Valentine’s Day means everything to me, it does. It reminds me of the good things that happen to me.”
To honor the Paxtons’ 29th annivesary, a big Valentine’s Day party was planned Friday at Nina Willingham, said manager Terry Martin, who had high praise for the Paxtons.
“I think they are a wonderful couple,” Martin said. “I really look up to them. They’ve brought a lot of knowledge to Nina Willingham. I ask them their opinions on a lot of things. They’re very helpful and always willing to volunteer. They are fun to be around and just great people.”
Dorothy Paxton said they have kept each other strong by being together through her past battle with cancer and his battle with pancreatitis.
She said married people should, “Keep God in your relationship.”
“That’s what you do,” Dorothy Paxton said. “You take care of each other. You trust each other. I would never do anything to him that I would not want him to do to me, ever, ever. You’ve got to be together. You’ve got to play together. You’ve got to be honest. You’ve got to … .”
He finished her sentence.
“Stick together,” Larry Paxton said.

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