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Sales tax receipts slip in Canadian County cities

All but one city in Canadian County saw sales tax revenues slip for the most recent period reported by the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
The January report from the tax commission represents actual sales in the final 15 days of November and the estimated sales for the first 15 days of December.
Only Union City reported an increase in sales tax revenue. For the period, Union City received $56,963 in sales tax revenues compared to $45,684 for the same period in 2018.
Yukon sales tax receipts for the period in 2019 dropped a bit. Yukon showed $2,000,939 revenue compared to $2,079,149 in 2018.
Mustang sales tax for the same period of 2019 dropped to $977,207 compared to $1,009,774 in 2018.
El Reno had a drop in sales tax that city officials have attributed to a recent decline in the oil and gas industry.
El Reno reported $833,552 sales tax for the period compared to $2,093,428 for the previous year’s same period.
Other Canadian County cities reported similar, slight declines.
Geary sales tax in Canadian County was $14,694 compared to $20,607 for the year before.
Okarche reported $38,935 for the period compared to $41,951 the previous year.
Oklahoma City sales tax revenue in Canadian County was $234,459 for Nov. 15 to Dec. 15, 2019, compared to $2,091,988 for the same period of 2018.
Canadian County’s sales tax numbers also dropped significantly. For 2020, the county received $448,628 compared to $865,625 last year.
The most recent use tax revenues, for the Nov. 14 to Dec. 15 30-day period, for internet sales have been reported by the tax commision.

El Reno
2019, $341, 920
2018, $374,691

Geary, in Canadian County
2019, $246
2018, $0
2019, $102,776
2018, $94,669

Okarche in Canadian County
2019, $1,084
2018, $4,875

Oklahoma City in Canadian County
2019, $615,804
2018, $1,233,329

2019: $197,220
2018: $203,715

Canadian County
2019: 127,047
2018: 195,062

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