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Cacini seeks citizen input on city’s water supply

A Yukon city councilman says he wants input from residents of his ward about city’s future supply of water.
Ward 1 Council member Rick Cacini said he will host a town hall meeting Thursday to get input from residents.
Cacini said he attended a water symposium late last year in which the future of the area’s water supply was discussed.
Yukon, which leases almost a dozen wells near Will Rogers World Airport, also purchases the bulk of its water from Oklahoma City.
Water from the two sources are currently blended so the city can meet Environmental Protection Agency standards related to the amount of naturally occurring arsenic in the water.
The level of arsenic in the well water is too high, officials have said.
Cacini said the issue with purchasing water from Oklahoma City is that Oklahoma City continues to increase its rates.
Oklahoma City is expected to yet again raise its water rates to help offset the cost of constructing a pipeline to transfer water from Lake Sardis in southern Oklahoma to Lake Stanley Draper.
Cacini said he wants to know what options his constituents have in mind.
“There are decisions that will have to be made,” Cacini said. “I want to make sure the people agree with me.”
Cacini said some of the options include continuing to purchase water from Oklahoma City or constructing the city’s own pipeline.
Cacini said that last option might be better in the long run,
especially if Yukon joined forces with other cities like Mustang, Piedmont and El Reno.
Cacini said Yukon, Mustang, Piedmont and El Reno all purchase water from Oklahoma City.
“Everybody needs water,” he said.
There are also ways to save water, which include the possibility of offering incentives to residents who purchase a two-flush toilet system.
The two-flush system uses a smaller amount of water for liquid waste and more for solids.
“The system is expensive, but in the long run you would save money,” he sad.
The community forum, which is open to anyone but focused on residents living in Cacini’s precinct, will be held at 7 p.m. Jan. 23 at the Mabel C. Fry Public Library.
While the primary focus of the meeting will be on the city’s water supply issues, other topics including streets and community safety will be discussed.

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