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Driver seeks help finding missing pup

It’s been more than a month since Judy Stanton of Indianapolis last saw her dog on Interstate 40 near Yukon, and she’s hoping the area communities can help.
Stanton, a truck driver, said she passes through Yukon and El Reno twice a week while driving her route.
Until Dec. 14, Stanton’s long-haul companion was Reba, an 11-month-old chocolate heeler who often slept across Stanton’s legs at night.
On that particular drive, Reba indicated that she needed a bathroom break, Stanton said, and they pulled into a weigh station along I-40 between El Reno and Yukon. During the break, though, Reba slipped out of her harness.
“I got close to her, and got a hold of her collar, but she slipped it too,” Stanton said. “She’d never done that before. I tried to get close to her so I could get a hold of her and get her back in the truck, but I had no such luck.”
Since that day, Stanton has spent her twice-weekly visits to the area hunting for Reba, and she’s contacted nearby gas stations and businesses.
A social media post about Reba has been shared more than 300 times, Stanton said.
Despite a few people coming forward to tell Stanton they thought they spotted her dog, she still hasn’t managed to bring Reba home.
Now, Stanton’s entire family is feeling Reba’s absence.
“She’s the first dog we’ve had together as a family,” Stanton said. “She’s got everybody’s heart.”
Even Stanton’s father, who will be 93 in March, asked Stanton’s daughter if she could take time off work to drive to Oklahoma to get Reba, if the dog happened to be located.
Stanton said she hopes someone will eventually find Reba and take her to a place where the dog can be scanned for a microchip.
While Reba is microchipped, Stanton said she didn’t know that some chips offer GPS locating services.
Reba, Stanton said, is the type of pup who prefers to be snuggled against her people at all times.
“She always has to be touching you,” Santon said.
In addition to the photo Stanton’s using to help people look for and possibly locate Reba, she said the dog’s tail is cropped and she has a mark on one side that, if viewed at an angle, resembles the head of a fox.
Stanton asked anyone with information about Reba to contact her at (317) 501-9523.

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