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Medical marijuana taxes add to city coffers

Medical marijuana tax revenues reported to state and local governments in Canadian County are on a new high, and dispensaries reported sales for December were up, the Oklahoma Tax Commission said.
The total of state and local taxes generated in December for all of Canadian County medical marijuana sales comes to $143,401, the tax commission reported.
Yukon dispensaries owners paid $8,343 in local taxes to be dispersed to the city in December and $20,269 in the required state taxes. There are three dispensaries operating in the Yukon city limits, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority reported.
The Green Lily CBD & Dispensary celebrated an anniversary on Sunday.
Owner Courtney Young has watched as sales have increased each month.
“It’s been a great adventure, a great first year,” Young said. “Every month is a surprise since we have no history to go off of.”
She said the demand was greater than the supply a year ago, but that has leveled out with more products on the shelves.
“The supply and demand is kind of balancing,” Young said. “In the beginning, we had a lot more demand for products and now we’ve gotten such a variety.”
She notes growth has been steadily on an uptick.
“Our first year, we have just kind of been building our numbers and then we will be able to compare. It’s been nice and steady, and we’re really enjoying our customers and our involvement in the community,” Young said.
Across Yukon, near Interstate 40, Yukon resident Jacques Chansavang, 30, opened Elevated Research, 1300 W. Vandament on Oct. 31.
He said he is catering to those locally who do not want to drive to Oklahoma City dispensaries or other places.
“It’s been doing decently well, I’d say, just because there is so much competition in the city. But, definitely, I’m trying to keep it to the Yukon market and just really kind of take care of Yukon really. I’m not trying to compete with the city but earn Yukon’s business,” Chansavang said.
With glass jars on shelves with smokable marijuana flower with names such as LA Amnesia and others, he said more people are becoming familiar with the products.
The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, as of the first of the year, reported statewide patient licenses had been approved and issued to 235,786 patients.
“I think a lot more Oklahomans are becoming more open, more receptive to the idea of using medical marijuana,” Chansavang said.
In December, Mustang dispensaries reported $5,662 in local sales tax to be dispensed to the city and $12,039 in state taxes. There were eight dispensaries open in Mustang as of August, OMMA reported.
At Oklahoma City dispensaries located in Canadian County, owners paid $11,718 in local tax and $30,496 in other state taxes for December.
There were four dispensaries opened in 2018 in Oklahoma City limits within Canadian County.
In Piedmont, marijuana sales generated $2,647 for the city in December and $5,609 in other state taxes. Piedmont had one dispensary open in 2019.
El Reno had the highest amount of sales tax reported in December in the county with $9,065 and $31,693 in other state taxes.
At the end of July, there were 11 dispensaries in El Reno opened for business, according to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.
Statewide totals for the year 2019 show $7,182,521 in tax paid to the OMMA with $3,868,508 of that amount going to state and local taxes and $3,314,013 in the established state excise.

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