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Boundaries finalized for Yukon schools

After months of discussion, which included at least three community meetings, the Yukon School District has unveiled new boundaries for students who will attend one of three intermediate schools.
The new boundaries are needed as Yukon prepares to open its first new school since Lakeview opened in 1996.
Redstone Intermediate School is being constructed at the intersection of Britton Road and Mustang Road.
The $28 million project is expected to be completed in time for the new school year, which begins in August.
The school will house students who are entering fourth through sixth grades.
Previously, students in fourth and fifth grades attended either Independence or Lakeview Elementary schools.
Sixth-grade students attended the Sixth Grade Academy at Yukon Middle School.
However, with student population growth, as well as changes in how classes are taught, Yukon began looking at other options.
Thus, when plans were being made to construct Redstone, the district also began the process of converting Lakeview and Independence into intermediate schools as well.
The sixth-grade academy will cease and that area of the middle school will be used for other purposes, said Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth.
Tuesday, during the monthly school board meeting, the panel was expected to give approval to the final boundaries for each school.
Students who live between County Line Road and Foreman Road that are bounded by Wilshire Boulevard to the south and Northwest Expressway to the north will attend Redstone.
Those living south of Wilshire, but west of Mustang Road south to Main Street will also attend Redstone.
Those living south of Wilshire and west of Mustang Road will attend Lakeview. Ranchwood Boulevard is a dividing line between Lakeview and Independence.
Independence students will come from the area just east of Sara Road from south of Vandment and west to Foreman Road, including an area south of Interstate 40 just north of SW 44, west to Cimmaron Road.

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